Slow Down

Take a moment for yourself.

Welcome to Tega Organic Tea

At Tega Organic Tea, we have two simple goals: create the most delicious organic tea blends, and promote a healthy lifestyle through smart beverage choices. To get there, we’ve spent over 10 years crafting and experimenting with new tea blend combinations, iteration upon iteration to make sure we provide the best taste and quality.

We believe in Community, and that’s why we do our part to support Fair Trade initiatives at organic tea farms across the globe. Allowing others to take part in our vision, through giving back to communities and sharing in our growth has led us to keep dreaming – and keep blending. Our goal is to offer over 30 varieties of loose organic and fair trade teas online by the spring of 2015 – so stay tuned!

Putting Taste First

Taste is our #1 priority. No matter how healthy your tea is – it must taste great. Finding the right blends to tickle your taste buds is what we do best.

Know What You’re Drinking

Healthy, high-quality ingredients are a big deal here. We support our customers in living happy, healthy lives. We’re here to help you make that happen.

Be Good

Growing up we learned the importance of making an impact in your community. And that’s why we’re committed to sustainable practices like Fair Trade.

Sweet & Sultry Spices

Try our best Masala Chai rooibos yet.